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Getting out of the house and having some fun with friends is what the APA is all about. Relax and unwind! Have a drink or two (or three). Meet people from all over town (and across the country). Play some pool along the way.

Let us know if you want to join a team... or even better, put one together yourself! There is no doubt you know a few people who've played a little pool now and then or would like to try. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You'll be amazed by the number of people who either play pool or are interested in trying it out. It'll surprise you! Clerks, secretaries, janitors, lawyers, chiropractors, doctors, waitresses, truck drivers, bank tellers, school teachers, and others play in the APA Pool League across the country. Over one fourth of APA members are female.

The APA is the World's Largest Amateur Pool League with more members than all other amateur leagues combined. Nationally, the APA currently boasts over 250,000 members (and growing). Thousands more enjoy playing in Canada and Japan.

For those of you that might be thinking: "I'm not good enough to play league", consider this; 75% of APA members are beginner to intermediate players, so you don't have to be a Pool Pro to play in the APA.

The only thing you really need is the desire to have fun! With APA's Equalizer® Handicap System, everyone has a chance of winning - even at the national level! The APA Singles Nationals competition is tiered by skill level, so complete novices win prize packages up to $15,000 just as often as the more advanced players!

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Divisions and Teams Now Forming!

APA is new to the Sacramento area, so we'll be in a constant state of growth and change for awhile. New divisions will be forming year round. Contact us for details on the latest divisions and teams forming! Better yet, join our email list and 'like' our Facebook page to make sure you're getting the latest Sacramento APA info.

We're also working on forming traveling divisions in mid-town / downtown. If you have a favorite bar in the area, let us know!

8-Ball Doubles Alt, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open


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